Referee Incentive Program

The HSSL is proud to suport our current and upcoming local referees. Referees are an crucial component to the provision of a fair and safe playing environment. Without referees we simply could not enjoy the 'beautiful game' as it is intended. For this reason the HSSL is proud to support the SYSA with their following Referee Incentive Program.

The SYSA after the completion of a BC Soccer Approved Entry Level Course and 5 Center Referee SYSA youth games shall provide:

  • Full Re-imbursment of BC Entry Level Course Fee
  •  Regulation Referee Uniform
  • Referee Kit Including:
  • Sideline Flags
  • "Write it in the Rain" Notebook
  •  Whistle

Please contact Head SYSA Referee Jose Oreamnuo at for further information.

Next BC Soccer Entry Level Course: Squamish October 2022 Time TBA