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Howe Sound Soccer Leauge Operations 
Administrator / Scheduler                              Michael Heinrich
Registrar            Paul Fleming
Statistics Manager  Tony Alves       
Roster Manager          Holly Scramstad
Drop-In Manager      Ben Waterer / Chris Hillard
Head Referee      Jose Oreamuno
Referee Assistant              Michael Heinrich
Discipline Committee Coordinator    -
Committee Member 2      -
Committee Member 3        -
Committee Member 4  -
Financial Manager    Angie Shier
Community Engagement   VACANT
Marketing  Coordinator    Alex Frolich
Sponsorship Liaison       Cam Ellis











Interim Board of Directors/Officers
Name: Jose Oreamuno
Position: President
Name: Kim Stanley
Position: Vice-President
Name: Paul Fleming
Position: Secretary
Name: Michael Heinrich
Position: Treasurer
Name: Alex Frolich
Position: Director
Name: Antonio Alves
Position: Director
Name: Holly Scramstad
Position: Director
Name: Jessie Abraham
Position: Director
Name: Jewel Emlyn
Position: Director
Name: Joel Mercer
Position: Director

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