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Apr 24 2024

Team Sponsors

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Team Sponsorship

The Howe Sound Soccer League currently has several teams looking for a team sponsor.

Team sponsorship is a great way to get your business name out into the Squamish community. 

The HSSL in partnership with the SYSA and Soccer X is excited to provide the following team sponsorship package:

$33.00 / player plus tax (25 players)

Team Sponsorship includes:

1. A team will be named/attached to your business name/logo.

2. Your business name/logo will imprinted on each player's jersey.

(Includes Admiral "Derby" Jersey, Shorts, Socks)

3. Your businnes name/logo will be displayed whereever that team is displayed on the HSSL website.

4. Your business name/logo will be uploaded to the HSSL homeage list of sponsors, and displayed whereever HSSL sponsors are mentioned.

Example Uniform:


If you or anyone you know might be interested in sponsoring a HSSL team, please contact us by clicking the "Contact us" tab on the HSSL home page.

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